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The Leaving Plan:  Solo project with elements of rock, acoustic, folk, alternative, progressive and electronic.  Influences include: Radiohead, Tom Waits, The Postal Service, Elliot Smith, The Cure, Billy Joel, Elton John, Pink Floyd, Atoms and Void,


Minus Fields:  Band with elements of math rock, metal, indie, post-punk, post-hardcore.  Influences include: Failure, Quicksand, Fugazi, Drive Like Jehu, Kerosene 454, Bluetip, Deftones, Tool, Helmet, Filter, Into Another, Jawbox, Nirvana, Alices in Chains, Juno, Hot Snakes


A Constant Murder:  Elements of hardcore, post-hardcore, post-punk, metal.  Influences include: Vision, Youth of Today, Minor Threat, Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand, Fugazi, Agnostic Front, Helmet, Farside, Handsome, Killing Time, Life of Agony, Orange 9MM, Black Flag


Blue Sugar Riot: Full band doing a wide range of cover songs and some originals.  Influences include: Rush, U2, Tears for Fears, Men at Work, Devo, Pearl Jam, The Police, Van Halen


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*please note - most of the music from these links is free to download.  they are high quality wav files that you can download as mp3's.

'when the alarm sounds'

Hold You Again

'crooks and cannibals'


music background

if you scroll to the bottom of this page, the music player is there. you can pop it out so it will play continuous throughout your visit here. the playlist varies from solo projects and experimental, to full band songs. i will update it with new or different songs every month or so.

i've been playing in bands and writing music since i was 12. i've been motivated by music since i can remember.  "i love a rainy night" by eddie rabbitt was one of the first songs i remember singing along to. i remember it had this great shuffle that i loved.  my dad was always playing billy joel and elton john records as loud as he could and i immediately responded to them - but couldn't fully appreciate them until i was in my early twenties. as time went on i became immersed in tears for fears, the police, kiss, and the first metallica album.  in my early teens i looked for something different or something not on the radio and was introduced to black flag, youth of today and minor threat.  i really loved the rawness, the crazy tempos and the passionate screaming. wanting to expand on that and hear a mix of intensity, harmony, different chords and progressions, and different time signatures, i found bands like tool, quicksand, drive like jehu, kerosene 454, bluetip, fugazi, etc. now my music collection and influences range from hardcore to jazz to metal, to pretty much anything that sounds good. i approach songwriting very similar to the way i do a painting - in layers in a building, unbuilding, and rebuilding process which is predicated on color, tone, and feel. lyrically the songs range in content from human behavior to the metaphysical to self examination, and some are about nothing at all and are based on phonetics.

band history

i've been in and out of bands since i was 12, so this list may not be complete.  I've filled in for a lot of bands, played in some cover bands, improv jazz bands and snail mail recording projects.  But these were bands I was a member of or founded.  In each of these bands, experiments and solo acts, I've (we've) played numerous shows up and down the east coast and locally from CBGB's to coffee shops, to upstart clubs, headlining and opening for national acts. I've played with some incredible musicians - a lot of whom are still playing in bands - that are entirely too many to list.  you know who you are.  I'd like to thank all of you for great memories, being patient with me (i'm a pain in the ass to work with sometimes) and sharing the learning experiences with me.  Thank you all very much.


American Youth - band from late 1980's early 90's, playing hardcore, punk, oi, all smashed together.

Shortcut - circa 1991/92 - hardcore

Fallout - circa 1993/94 - hardcore

Soulace - different incarnations from 1995 until 1999 - ranging from indy rock / emo / math rock / prog rock, etc

Red Tow Cable - 1999 - 2001 - 2 man experiment with a drum machine, bass, guitar and vox - electronic rock / indy

Minus Fields - 2001 - 2002 - full 5 piece, 4 man band playing math / indy / prog rock

Blue Sugar Riot - 2006 - present - 3 piece, band playing prog rock / indy

Hold-Up Vanity - 2010 - 3 piece band mixing prog rock, indy, funk, r&b elements

Solo Project / The Leaving Plan - 200? - present - solo project ranging from acoustic, electronic, folk, rock, soundscape, etc.



Please stop by Nada & Co. to see some of the works on this site in person.

There are also a few paintings installed at the Scranton Cultural Center offices.  Thanks!

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