the biggest reason that i paint, play music and make 'stuff' is because i want to
leave this world something to show my love and appreciation of it.
as it pertains to painting - i am drawn to surface, paint properties, building,
deconstructing in an attempt to rebuild based on brokeness, and color relationships. i have a
connection to it. i appreciate and enjoy very much that the byproduct is a visual
language - a resolution for me that can facilitate something completely new.
nature and my life experiences are very much a part of my work and i usually
reflect that in the titles. sometimes the catalyst will be a reaction where i feel
the work from my belly.  other times it comes from my waist down through my
legs. sometimes it feels like theres a trigger from my brain down through
my heart and out my arms. if i don’t paint for an extended period of time it can
affect me physiologically. when these catalysts all begin working together i've
usually finished the cathartic part of painting and begin making actual proper
paintings - which to me is the result of the process of feeling and experience
brought through fundamental, intellectual visual elements.
painting is a true window. we are each looking through the same glass but see
something individualistic, intimate and personal. engaging in that dialog with
one another we can understand that seeing, sharing and experiencing things
differently can be the actual beauty in the work - and in the world we share.






Please stop by Nada & Co. to see some of the works on this site in person.

Also please swing by the Scranton Cultural Center offices to see some work that is installed there.  Thanks!