the biggest reason that i paint, play music and make 'stuff' is because i want to leave this world something to let it know i love it.

as it pertains to painting - i am drawn to surface, paint properties, building, and color. i have a connection to it for whatever reason. i appreciate and enjoy very much that the byproduct is a type of communication - a resolution for me that can facilitate something completely new.

nature and my life experiences are very much a part of my work and i usually reflect that in the titles. throughout the process - at times it feels like I'm painting directly from my belly.  sometimes it comes from my waist down through my legs. and sometimes it feels like theres a circuit from my brain down through my heart and out my arms. i don't show anyone these works - they're usually incomplete. when all the gears are working together i've usually finished the act of painting and begin making actual paintings... if that makes sense.  then again - there are times when I'm just writing in color rather than painting...

it is a true window - we are each looking at the same thing but see something different. in sharing that with one another - maybe it can help people to understand that seeing, sharing and experiencing things differently can be the real beauty in the work and in the world.







Please stop by Nada & Co. to see some of the works on this site in person.

Also please swing by the Scranton Cultural Center offices to see some work that is installed there.  Thanks!